Translating big data and health analytics from research into action with Nicoleta Serban

Research that fails to translate into action, be that policy or patient interventions, carries little value. Translating massive data sets into actionable insights that lay persons, legislators or other decision makers who are not particularly fluent in the scientific area of interest carries high value and high importance.

Professor Nicoleta Serban and Pediatric Technology Center Chief Engineer Leanne West unpacked what it takes for researchers to put health analytics in action from massive sets to data to decisions made that improve population health. For example: Are there any potential savings for Medicaid programs when actually delivering care?

The research covered in this Tech Talk sheds light into one of Prof Serban’s primary research areas, health analytics for health policy and decision making. She will share her experience with healthcare services research using a massive database of medical records, highlighting both the challenges and the opportunities. The discussion included multiple research directions in healthcare delivery and health policy with a focus on the importance of translating research into health policy, particularly in one of Professor Serban’s main research thrusts, drawing inferences on healthcare access for designing targeted interventions and informed policies.

Nicoleta Serban is Virginia C. and Joseph C. Mello Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Serban’s education and research trajectory makes her unique in the pursuit of data-driven discovery endeavors.

What viewers will learn:

  • What’s required to acquire, understand and analyze data that’s easily understood
  • How to apply that data to specific populations, disease states or clinical cases