The Past, Present and Future of Robotics and Patient Care: Watch our pediatric tech talk with Dr. Jaydev Desai.

Minimally invasive surgical interventions, for example, for a range of procedures will require a significant change in the healthcare paradigm for both diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Advances in surgical interventions will benefit from “patient-specific robotic tools” to deliver optimal diagnosis and therapy. Likewise, patient-specific robotic systems and customized interfaces could also benefit rehabilitation and assistive robotics. This is especially important as technologies that support miniaturization advance to improve interventions for pediatric patients.

As technology moves from meso-to-micro, including robotics for patient interviews of myriad types, what does the future of robotics in care look like? 400-micron endoscopic guidewires? 50 micron tendons? Voice controlled exoskeletons? Yep. It’s all happening.

Watch this Pediatric Tech Talk with Dr. Jaydev P. Desai, Professor of Robotics and founding Director of the Georgia Center for Medical Robotics (GCMR) with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center Chief Engineer Leanne West.