Laser-activated nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to retinoblastoma

PI’s: Mark Prausnitz

Our long-range goal is to develop a targeted approach to treat retinoblastoma. Our central hypothesis is that treatment of retinoblastoma can be targeted by selective drug release from liposomes triggered using laser-activated nanoparticles. This hypothesis will be tested using in vitro development of the liposome/nanoparticle system and in vivo testing in animal models of retinoblastoma.

Specific Aim 1. Develop liposomes designed to release melphalan or carboplatin triggered by shockwaves generated by laser-activated nanoparticles.

Specific Aim 2. Determine effect of liposomes encapsulating melphalan or carboplatin and carbon nanoparticles combined with local laser irradiation on control of retinoblastoma.

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