Development of an Application to Wean Pediatric Patients from Enteral Feeds

PI’s: Rashelle Berry Barbara & Heyward Adams

Many of the patients seen in the Feeding Disorders Program are weaned off of tube feedings during the course of their treatment, both in the day treatment program and in outpatient therapy. There is not a standard, evidence-based protocol for weaning children from tube feedings when oral intake increases.  The dietitian in the Feeding Disorders Program (Rashelle Berry) has created a method for tube weaning using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are provided in hard copy to caregivers.  The purpose of this study is to see if it is feasible to use a new touch screen application (app) for tube weaning instead of printed hard copies of the plans created in Microsoft Excel.  The participants in the study will be provided with the app to be used on a smart phone or tablet when the process of tube weaning is initiated. Our hypothesis is that most caregivers are capable of using this app and they will be able to wean their child’s tube feedings as directed by the app.

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