Assessing Quality of Care in a Community-Based Autism Clinic

PI’s: Jennifer Singh & Leslie Rubin

The purpose of this study is to measure the quality of care provided at the Autism Clinic at Children’s Hughes Spalding in order to improve the services offered to families and their children. The study was also designed to identify barriers to autism diagnosis and services for low-income, minority, and/or other under served children and their families. The study is a mixed-method approach consisting of a 78-item quality of care survey and in-depth interviews conducted with primary caregivers whose children receive services at the Autism Clinic. In addition, the Co-PI, Jennifer Singh, is conducting participant observation of clinical processes and practices of the Autism Clinic. The knowledge generated from this study will inform the improvement of services and development of new approaches offered by the clinic.

Singh, J., Rubin, L., “Contextualizing the Social and Structural Constraints of Accessing Autism Services among Single Black Female Caregivers in Atlanta, Georgia”, International Journal of Child Health and Human Development 12(4) – forthcoming

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