Other Resources and Mechanisms

Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) VentureLab

From concept to commercial product.
From POC to VC investment for startups.
Our funding role: Facilitator



Georgia Department of Economic Development Center of Innovation (GDEcD COI)

12 month timeframe, anything related to commercialization that needs University System of Georgia (USG) R&D help.
Requires matching funds.
Our funding role: Facilitator


Center for Medtech Excellence – TBD

Our funding role: Facilitator



I-CORPS South (an NSF program)

Prototype – Early stage company
Our funding role: Introductory and Facilitator


Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)

Georgia Chapter of the National Institutes of Health
Early concept/idea/pilot.
Our funding role: Facilitator



Georgia Tech student or faculty
Early concept, Early stage company.
Our funding role: Introductory and Facilitator



Company exists / Early company phase.
Note: STTR allows more money to go to the  university partner than SBIR
Our funding role: Introductory


FDA Pediatric Device Consortia (PDC) Grants Program

Early idea phase / Early company
Our funding role: Facilitator



Any phase, translate technology, commercially
Our funding role: Facilitator


Impact Pediatric Health

Our funding role: Influencer



Our funding role: Facilitator


Other Resources: Medtech Concept to Commercialization Ecosystem



International Children’s Advisory Network

International Society that facilitates industry and academia interaction with iCAN to get youth (age 8-18) opinions on devices that affect them, in addition to youth insight on clinical trial protocols,  pediatric health educational materials, etc.

International Society for Pediatric Innovation

International professional society that facilitates innovation in pediatric healthcare, bringing together innovators from children’s hospitals, researchers, and industry to encourage development across  the pediatric collective. Facilitates large-scale research and development around the world. Offers pitch competition with AI Med. Intending to establish an innovation fund to assist in pediatric device  development.
KIDSx  International accelerator for Pediatric Innovation by bringing together the top children’s hospitals and talented digital health companies to build, test and deploy software solutions to make pediatric  care exceptionally effective, safe, efficient and convenient for children and families.

Institute for Clinical Trials for Children

International organization that serves as a neutral and independent organization to bring a dedicated voice to the advancement of new medicines and devices needed now and in the future. Our work  is to engage public and private stakeholders through research and education to ensure that healthcare for children is continually improved by enhancing the awareness, quality and support for pediatric  clinical trials.

Pediatric Trials Network

NIH-funded organization whose research addresses knowledge gaps in the use of medications for pediatric patients. They efficiently and safely study medicines in the youngest patients

Multiregional Clinical Trials Center

International organization that engages diverse stakeholders to define emerging issues in global clinical trials and to create and implement ethical, actionable, and practical solutions. Develops and  disseminates guidelines and best practices.
FDA  Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) “Device Advice” for comprehensive regulatory education. Device Advice is CDRH’s text-based resource that explains many aspects of medical device  laws, regulations, guidance, and policies, encompassing the entire product life cycle. Willing to meet with device developers throughout the process. Special section for pediatric projects.


“The National Ecosystem for Pediatric Medical Devices.” Facilitator. To improve public health for children, SHIP-MD is aimed at transforming the pediatric medical device ecosystem by de-risking and accelerating developmental processes to stimulate investment and innovation in pediatric devices. https://c-path.org/ship-md/

Institute for Pediatric Innovation

The Institute for Pediatric Innovation focuses on 4 keys to promote IDEA’s: Identify, Disseminate, Educate and Advocate. We seek to identify key innovations that are proven and serve our mission.  Once identified, we seek to Disseminate new technologies through or network. Education is the importance of engaging both providers and patients in using technology. Finally, Advocacy for public  policy that enhances care through technology for all children.
GA BIO The Mission is to advance the growth of Georgia’s life sciences industry and foster strategic partnerships that can create a healthier world.

To accomplish this mission, GaBio conducts business and economic development activities; advocates on behalf of the industry on public policy matters; educates the public about the benefits of life  sciences research and product development; and provides a network for the exchange of ideas, information, and opportunities for BioInnovation.

Center for MedTech  


Providing a reimagined, comprehensive approach for concept to commercialization and sustainable innovation, which is crucial for cultivating more agile healthcare organizations. A three-year  collaboration with ATDC, the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP), and GCM. Together, these globally competitive incubator and ecosystem developers will leverage ScaleUp Lab  @ATDC and Mentor Studio to address unique scaling challenges for medical technology and for startups in Georgia. The Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) team proposes a standard platform,  enabling startup commercialization of medical device technologies and creating new jobs with a multidisciplinary mentor pool that facilitates successful market penetration and operational sustainability.