Nature’s Nanoparticles: Viruses to Detect and Treat Disease – A Pediatric Tech Talk Webinar

The earlier we can detect, prevent, or cure disease, the more positive impact we can have on the lives of children and the adults they become. In this upcoming Pediatric Tech Talk webinar, Dr. M.G. Finn will share with attendees an exciting area of research that takes advantage of a gift from nature that we don’t usually think of as a gift: viruses.

Dr. Finn is the James A. Carlos Family Chair for Pediatric Technology and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Georgia Tech.

Watch the Pediatric Tech Talk recording below to learn how we use viruses that infect other organisms in vaccines against infectious diseases. What is new is our ability to adapt viruses for our own purposes. This process involves biochemistry, chemical synthesis, knowledge of the disease-causing organisms and how our immune systems work.

“I hope that [viewers] also catch some of the thrill, and also a sense of some of the challenges, inherent in developing new treatments,” Dr. Finn says. “Those of a certain age may remember the movie ‘Fantastic Voyage.’ In a very real sense, we are trying to create the kind of ‘ship’ that was fancifully envisioned there.”

What type of professional stands to benefit most from watching?

  • Researchers and students who are looking for new biomedical fields,
  • Infectious disease clinicians looking for a read on the state of the art in vaccine development, and 
  • Those involved in regulatory approval of new medications.