The Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) is the U.S. proving ground for global medical innovation. An affiliate of Georgia Tech, its mission is to help direct the development, testing, training and commercialization of innovative medical products that improve quality based outcomes and delivery of healthcare for patients. GCMI’s CEO, Sherry Farrugia, is formerly Executive Director of Georgia Tech Pediatric Technologies.

GCMI has contributed to multiple GTPT funded projects and that work continues to this day.

GCMI helps verify, validate and accelerate commercialization of new medical technologies that save lives and improve patient care. From our Northyards and 14th Street facilities in midtown Atlanta, we help find the finish line for medtech innovations at any point on the pathway from bench to bedside. Principal investigators, faculty and student projects served include:

  • Dr. Andres Garcia
  • Dr. Scott Hollister
  • Dr. Omer Inan
  • Dr. James Dahlman
  • Coulter Foundation
  • Over 10 additional GT faculty members

Who does GCMI help?

GCMI helps individual clinician innovators, start up companies, engineers and scientists with university supported technologies, large and small medical technology customers including industry partners and health systems. Its milestone driven process helps ensure our customers’ ideas achieve a capital efficient path to market from IP, market assessment, design, prototyping, testing and training.

GTPT’s role: Introductory, Facilitator and Influencer