Pediatric Innovation Ecosystem

Georgia Tech Pediatric Technologies’ mission is to accelerate development, regulatory approval, and clinical utility of new medical technologies for pediatric patients. We connect researchers including engineers, data analysts, scientists, chemists and others with front line pediatric clinicians to create new technologies for unmet pediatric healthcare needs. We further connect those parties to the funding, institutional, development, regulatory and industrial resources needed to make them clinically and commercially viable.

We fund development activities that organizations like the National Institutes of Health do not. We also tap other funding for specific activities, like preclinical studies, for technologies with high potential for commercialization and clinical utility.

Every project we fund is clinician-driven. Each project is led by a clinician from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and an engineer or scientist from Georgia Tech as principal investigators.

We also fund academic ‘chairs’ and scholarships for promising researchers and students whose areas of expertise align with our mission and support funding ‘applications’ and ‘activation’ from sources across the entirety of the local, regional and national pediatric innovation ecosystem.