Join us for the enlightening “Pediatric Tech Talk Webinar” hosted by Leanne West, featuring the distinguished Dr. I. King Jordan, a renowned figure in the field of genomics. As a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences and Director of the Bioinformatics Graduate Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Jordan’s groundbreaking work revolves around human population genomics and genetic ancestry inference, with a focus on promoting health equity.

In this captivating webinar, Dr. Jordan will delve into the world of genomic medicine, an emerging field that integrates patients’ genetic information into clinical care. With a critical spotlight on the existing bias towards European ancestry cohorts in genomic studies, Dr. Jordan’s research group at Georgia Tech collaborates closely with the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) to champion diversity in human genomic studies. By fostering inclusivity, their efforts are dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of genomic medicine are accessible to all, thereby striving towards optimal health for every individual and population.