Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate development, regulatory approval, and clinical utility of new medical technologies for pediatric patients. We connect researchers including engineers, data analysts, scientists, chemists and others with front line pediatric clinicians to create new technologies for unmet pediatric healthcare needs. We further connect those parties to the funding, institutional, development, regulatory and industrial resources needed to make them clinically and commercially viable.

To achieve this mission, every project we fund is clinician-driven. Each project is led by a pediatric clinician and an engineer or scientist from Georgia Tech as principal investigators.

Our Vision

We envision a world where our collective commitment, expertise and collaboration brings novel technologies to the bedside of pediatric patients, directly improving their health outcomes on a global scale. 


The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center has staff that helps it operate day to day. We are available to assist you in understanding who we are, what we do, and what we can do for you. As a part of Georgia Tech, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center has access to all faculty at Georgia Tech and the entire diverse portfolio of the groundbreaking fundamental and applied research that Georgia Tech has to offer.

“Every project to which we contribute our expertise and active available funding sources originates directly from clinician-stated unmet needs for improvement in pediatric care.”

Client Testimonials

"Because this team from PTC matches unmet pediatric needs straight from the clinicians with the Institute’s considerable engineering expertise, funding sources and ability to overcome inevitable roadblocks, we have matched the right technology with an unmet clinical need that will improve safety of pediatric care at scale.”
Omer Inan, PhD
“The existence of a center for pediatric research inside of a leading engineering institution partnering intimately with one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the country was of paramount importance in our ability to successfully recruit Scott to his position at Georgia Tech.”
Sherry Farrugia
“Leanne played a leading, integral role on the project team from the very beginning. Her expert input on engineering challenges and solutions made a direct impact on the project’s advancement at every point in its pathway toward future commercialization and expanded patient impact.”
Omer Inan, PhD